Screen Damage Cover

  1. Sum Insured:
    Screen cost of the Phone which is pre-agreed basis make and model and provided in attached excel
  2. Tentative Premium will range between:
    Premium as per attached excel
  3. Terms and Conditions:
    1. Coverages: Screen Damage due to Accidental/Liquid Damage
    2. Listed make models are covered.
    3. Maximum age of the phone should be 18 months from date of activation         
    4. 1 Claim is covered during the period of insurance
    5. Period of insurance: 1 year from the date of policy purchase.
    6. Deductible: 10% of claim amount subject to minimum of Rs. 500/- (rounded to the nearest 10)
    7. Coverage is based on IMEI. In case of transfer, Customer will have to start the transfer process by informing the insurance company
    8. Client to share Mobile and Customer information with DIGIT through API Integration/ Or it could be a direct digit website onboarding process.
    9. There will be a diagnostic process to check the condition of the screen of the phone.
  4. Major Exclusions:
    1. Theft / Burglary/Mysterious disappearance of the mobile phone.
    2. Any Loss Falling Under Mechanical Or Electrical Breakdown Or Electronic Derangement Or Malfunction.
    3. Any damage other than screen damage is not under the purview of this policy
    4. Any loss covered under Manufacturer’s warranty or recall
    5. General exclusions of war, contributory negligence, consequential loss, terrorism
    6. Normal wear and tear, scratch, pealing of paint etc
    7. Loss or damage resulting out of misuse or abuse, unlawful act or illegal activities
    8. Loss to data and contents including pictures, software, downloads, apps, music, or any content is not covered by this policy.