Information about apps

  1. App Stores/Installation
    The MEDION apps are available via app platforms operated by third parties, so-called app stores (e.g. Google Play and Apple App Store).
    Therefore, the download may require prior registration with the respective App Store. MEDION has no influence on the processing of your data in connection with your registration and use of these App Stores.
    The operator of the respective App Store is solely responsible in this respect. If necessary, please contact the respective App Store operator directly.
  2. App authorizations 

    In order to provide you with the functionality of the apps, the apps must be able to access various functions and data on your mobile device. For this purpose, it is technically essential that you grant the apps selected access authorizations. Otherwise the apps cannot be used for technical reasons.
    Before you use the apps for the first time, we would like to expressly draw your attention to the access authorizations requested. In most cases, these are the following authorizations:

    1. Location:
      This authorization is required to determine your current location for location-based services.
      With this authorization, your smartphone can access your GPS data, WLAN identifiers and/or Bluetooth, depending on which of these you have activated.
    2. Address book:
      This authorisation supports the selection of contacts to be informed for the user and provides the possibility to search for and select the appropriate persons in the contact data.
      For this to be possible, the apps need the ‘Contacts’ permission to access the contact data.
    3. WLAN connection information:
      This permission requires access to the W-LAN status to automatically inform the user whether a connection to the Internet exists and to be able to tell him to switch to ‘offline’ control if the Internet connection is not established or cannot be established, it is necessary to query the status of the network and search for WLAN connections/home networks.
    4. Push notifications:
      Push notifications are messages that are sent from the apps to your device and are prioritized there.
      Our apps use push notifications as delivered, provided the user has agreed to them when installing the app or when using it for the first time.
      The receipt of push notifications can be deactivated at any time in the settings of the device.
    5. User behaviour:
      Within the framework of the legal regulations, we, or companies commissioned by us, create user profiles under a pseudonym. These can be used for advertising and market research or for the demand-oriented design of the apps can be evaluated. A direct conclusion on the user is not possible. There is no link between the profile data and further information about the user.
    6. Protocol data:
      This authorization enables the automatic storage of log data, such as the information that your browser sends when you visit a website or that your mobile app sends when you use it.
      This log data may include your IP address, the address of the websites you visit, browser type and settings, the date and time of your request and cookies.
    7. Device information:
      In addition to log data, MEDION may also collect information about the device on which the apps are used.
      This includes device type, operating system used, device settings, unique device identifiers and crash data. Whether some or all of this information is collected,
      depends on the device type used and the associated settings. This allows error messages and system crashes to be analyzed to improve future operation.
      Personal data is not required for this and is not recorded.
    8. Social media:
      If you connect to our apps via third-party social media sites (such as Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Google+), you agree to the permissions stored under your personal account.
      MEDION will not have access to the personal data you have stored there.