Screen Damage Protection Plan for Motorola

    What is covered under this Plan?

    Screen Damage to the device due to any of the following:

    Accidental Damage

    Damage due to fire, lightening, riots, other act of God perils

    Additional Plan Benefits

    Screen Damage Protection for 180 days from the device activation date

    Free doorstep pickup and drop service for repair requests

    Completely paperless claims process

    No need to visit Service Centres, all repairs are done at Authorized Service Centres

    Completely transparent process with real time updates on service through App and Web

    What is not covered under Screen Protection Plan for Moto devices?

    Damage to any other parts of the device except the screen

    Damage to the screen due to fluid entering into the device

    Any damage due to negligence, gross misconduct or normal wear & tear

    Cosmetic damages (dent on outer body damage, stripping of color, etc)

    Software issues, malware, damages to accessories

    Any damage occurring within 7 (Seven) days of Plan activation

    Plan activated beyond 7 calendar days of purchase of original device

    Theft or Loss of the device

    Any damage occurring more than 48 hours before reporting

    Loss or damage arising before/after Coverage Period

    Loss or damage under mysterious circumstances including lost or stolen

    How much do I pay?

    If the defect is covered under the plan (subject to fulfilment of mandatory conditions) you don’t have to pay any additional amount towards repair

    How much time will it take?

    The complete process takes about 15-20 days (subject to parts availability) from the time you submit all the documents.