Terms & Conditions for Repair at Servify Apple Authorised Service Provider

  1. Service Lee Technologies (“Servify”) is an Apple Authorised Service Provider.
  2. All repairs submitted by customer or business associate to Servify for service will be applicable to terms and conditions mentioned below.
  3. The Customer must take a backup of their data before the device is handed over for repair to the Apple Authorized Service Provider (“AASP”). AASP is not responsible for data backup and data loss, or for third party accessories attached on the device.
  4. Any sensitive information must be erased before the device is submitted for repair to the AASP.
  5. Find My iPhone, Screen Lock and any password protection must be deactivated before submitting the device for repairs. For pick up and drop services, the same should be disabled before the pick-up has been made by the logistics agent.
  6. AASP may contact the customer for remote diagnosis of the device before it has been picked up by logistics agent for repair.
  7. Turn-around time for replacements or repair of devices will be about 3-7 working days in addition to the pick-up and drop lead time.
  8. In case estimate is not approved by the customer within 7 days, the Product will be returned without repair.
  9. The AASP is not liable for any delays, non-performance, failure or non-delivery of the device due to contingencies arising from any measure, act of God, storm, earthquake, accident, strikes, lockout, industrial dispute, labour trouble, transportation embargo, imminence or the existence of any state emergency, war, civil commotion right, approval or imposition of sanctions or any measure taken by government which renders it impossible or impractical for AASP to perform supply, service or deliver the device to the Customer.
  10. Service fees (or labour) will be applicable for service of out of warranty devices, software updates not covered under Apple’s warranty and in case repair has been rejected by the Customer after pick up of the device.
  11. AASP will proceed with repair only after taking the approval of the Customer on the estimation after the device has been received at the service location and inspection has been completed.
  12. The spare charges used for non-warranty repair shall be as per the applicable price list of the AASP. 
  13. The defective spares replaced while undertaking the repairs of the devices will not be returned to the customer.
  14. All loaner or stand by devices must be returned in the same condition as the time of issuance. Any damages or modifications to the loaner devices will attract a fee based on extent of the damage.
  15. Any device found to have third party modifications, tampering, liquid damage, water logging during internal visual mechanical inspection, will be ineligible for warranty service. The AASP shall not be obliged to undertake repair of such devices. 
  16. Warranty terms & conditions are applicable as per the Apple policies of repair. Please visit Apple website for detailed coverage details under warranty. Warranty applicability for each repair will be subject to the inspection by engineer once the device reaches the service location.
  17. By accepting the Service Report or handover of device to the logistics agent for pick up, deems that the Customer agrees to all the Terms and Conditions of repair.
  18. Warranty of the devices will be subjected to technical verification by AASP.
  19. Repair of Devices with Third Party Spares – In case, the third-party or unauthorised display is damaged during repair, any damage to the unauthorised parts during repair process is not the liability of the AASP. For replacement of third-party or unauthorised battery, there is possibility that device would not turn on post repair process. Under all such circumstances, the device will be returned without repair. AASP will not be responsible for the damage to the unauthorised parts.
  20. AASP reserves the right to deny or cancel a pick-up request for any accessories or products that are not serviceable under the pick-up and drop mode.
  21. Subjected to jurisdiction of Mumbai only.