About Trinng Protect Plus Plan

  1. What is covered under Trinng Protect Plus Plan?
    Damage to the device due to any of the following:

    1. Accidental Physical and Liquid Damage
    2. Mechanical and electrical breakdown/defects to the extent provided by the manufacturer’s warranty
  2. Additional Plan Benefits
    1. Protection against accidental physical and liquid damage for one year from the date of activation of the Plan.
    2. Protection against mechanical and electrical breakdown / defects for an additional year after the expiry of manufacturer’s warranty.
    3. Free doorstep pick-up and drop service for repair requests
    4. Completely paperless claims process and cashless repair process
    5. No need to visit Service Centres, all repairs are done at Brand Authorized Service Centres
    6. Completely transparent process with real time updates on service through App and Web
  3. What is not covered under Trinng Protect Plus Plan?
    1. Damage due to negligence, gross misconduct or normal wear & tear
    2. Cosmetic damages (dent on outer body damage, stripping of color, etc)
    3. Damages to accessories
    4. Any damage occurring within 15 (Fifteen) days of Plan activation
    5. Theft or Loss of the device
    6. For the complete list of exclusions under the plan, kindly read the terms and conditions of the Plan highlighted below
  4. How much do I pay?
    1. If the damage repair is covered under the plan (subject to fulfillment of all mandatory conditions), the customer will have to pay a mandatory deductible/excess for approved claim as mentioned below.
      Device Invoice ValueDeductible
      5,000-15,000 300
      15,001-25,000 500
      25,001-35,000 750
      35,001-40,000 750
      40,001-50,000 750
      50,001-60,000 1000
      60,001 & Above 2000
    2. If the defect to the device is covered under the Extended warranty (subject to fulfilment of all mandatory conditions), you don’t have to pay any additional amount towards the repair.
    3. Any other charges not covered under the plan. The charges would be notified to customer before initiating repairs.
  5. How much time will it take?
    The complete process takes about 7-12 days from the time you submit all required information, to when you receive your repaired device, and subject to parts availability.