Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can customer activate vivo v-shield Protection plans after purchase?​
    vivo v-shield protection plans purchased from offline channels are auto activated as soon as customer purchases the plan. Customer will receive an email with policy certificate which is a proof of plan activation. No other action is required on customer’s part.
  2. What is covered for Accidental Damage and Liquid Damage (ADLD)?
    Protects your smartphone against any kind of accidental physical and liquid damages. Only one claim is allowed for the year.
  3. What is covered for Screen Damage Protection (SDP)?

    A. This plan protects against your smartphone screen damage. Only 1 claim is allowed for the year.
  4. What is covered for Extended Warranty (EW)?
    Covers defects, mechanical or electrical breakdown after the expiry of your smartphone’s original manufacturer’s warranty. In this plan the Unlimited claims are allowed for 12 months after the manufacturer warranty has expired. ​
  5. A customer purchased the plan yesterday and damaged the device today. Can he claim for repair under protection plan?​
    vivo v-shield protection plans have a cooling period of 7 days. Hence, a customer cannot claim for damages that occurred during first 7 days of plan purchase.​
  6. Can customer buy multiple plans for one device?​
    Yes, customer has a choice to buy multiple plans and can opt for multiple plans for the same device (eg. Screen damage protection with Extended Warranty)
  7. Will the protection Plan be affected, if the customer changes his/her phone number (not the phone device)?​
    No, the vivo v-shield protection Plan is mapped to the phone device (IMEI) and not the SIM card, provider or phone number. Hence, customer can still raise a claim even if he has changed his mobile number.
  8. Does vivo v-shield plan cover accessories along with the device?​
    No, the plans only cover the device handset. Accessories are not covered under the plan.​
  9. Do I need to pay while raising a claim?
    Yes, you may need to pay a one-time deductible every time you raise a damage claim under the plan. The deductible amount depends on the device model and average selling price. There is no one-time deductible for claim under Extended Warranty.
  10. Customer has damaged a device. How much will he needs to pay to vivo to get his device repaired?
    The customer will be notified of the charges at the time of raising a claim request.
  11. Is depreciation applicable for vivo v-shield Plans?​

    Yes, depreciation is applicable for ADLD plan that cover device against accidental and liquid damage. The depreciation matrix applicable as follows on the device invoice value.​
    Depreciation Matrix:
    The standard depreciation matrix applicable for Registered device under this Plan is as below:

    Age of the Registered Device Depreciation Applicable
    Up to 90 days from the date of purchase of the Registered Device 10% of the Invoice Value
    Between 91 days to 180 days from date of purchase of the Registered Device 20% of the Invoice Value
    Between 181 days to 365 days from date of purchase of the Registered Device 35% of the Invoice Value
  12. I want to cancel my vivo v-shield Plan; shall I get a refund on the days remaining?
    No, vivo v-shield plan once bought cannot be cancelled and hence no refund is possible.
  13. Where and how can I file claim for my vivo v-shield plan?
    You can raise your claim through either of the following options:-

    1. Raise a claim through vivo v-shield application on your smartphone.
    2. Call up Servify Call Centre number 1800 123 333 888 or write to us at
    3. Log into and raise a claim yourself
  14. When do I need to pay the deductible?
    You will be required to pay the deductible amount before submitting the device for repair at the Authorised Service Centre.
    You can pay online either by logging onto the Portal OR through the payment link sent via .

  15. I did not get a mail after purchasing vivo v-shield plan?
    Please Call us on 1800 123 333 888 or write to us at if you do not receive a policy confirmation mail within 24 hours after purchasing. We will assist you.
  16. What documents should I provide to avail repair service?
    A. Your policy confirmation mail is the only proof that you require to avail service from the service centre.
  17. What happens to my personal data which is there in the device? How will you ensure the same is not misused?
    Please take back up of your personal data before you hand over the device as during repair the device could be formatted and reset to factory setting.
  18. What is Beyond Economic Repair?
    BER is a case where device is damaged to an extent where repair is not possible. In case of a BER, the customer will get like-to-like replacement of the device.
  19. Where can I buy vivo v-shield plans?
    You can buy vivo v-shield plans only through offline channel i.e. vivo authorised retailers.
  20. Can I buy vivo v-shield plans any time after I purchase my mobile?
    Extended Warranty, ADLD and SDP plans can be bought only at the time of the purchase of the vivo device and not after that.
  21. Will I get vivo v-shield for vivo phones purchased outside India?
    No. vivo v-shield is only available for phones purchased in India.
  22. I own a refurbished or a second hand mobile. Can I buy vivo v-shield for my mobile?
    No, vivo v-shield cannot be purchased for refurbished phones.
  23. How can I check the status of my claim?
    You can check the status of your claim on vivo v-shield Portal in the “Track Request” section. You can login to the portal through vivo app -> Services Section -> vivo v-shield
  24. My device is stolen, can I claim it under vivo v-shield Plan?
    vivo v-shield Plans do not cover theft and loss of the device.